Saving time, being late to an appointment or an exam, looking for a parking space or end up parking somewhere illegal, the app helps you save time instead of looking for parking spaces yourself, the app does that by a few presses on your phone. Especially with the new laws of allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia, most women aren’t familiar with locations of nearby parking spaces also, drivers (on average) spend 17 hours a year searching for a parking spot, with Parking Finder you will save time and this statistic will go down.

What it does:

The project is a mobile application that provides parking spaces suggestions based on the location the user enters, the application shows maps with the nearest available parking lot, and also shows occupied parking spaces which users will be updating.

How I built it:

Android Studio. The main algorithms that we used in our project are three main algorithms which are:

  1. Create()
  2. This function is to create parking data.
  3. Update()
  4. This function is to update the parking structure.
  5. Search()
  6. This function searches the parking structure to view the available/occupied spaces.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

Developing the prototype of the application.

What's next for Parking finder:

Tend to implement motion sensors in parking spaces that will help to make the server itself to update occupied and available parking spaces instead of the user, which will minimize time on the user and will help in gaining trust in the application.

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