Normally, it's difficult to fill a day in an unfamiliar city with interesting attractions, events, and dinner plans, but it shouldn't be!

You can look for events somewhere online -- but there are so many places to look. You can get a paper and pen out and try to plan out a day, but it's a pain sorting out travel time, finding when venues open and close, and fitting time for dinner at a good new restaurant in between! And we've all put together a plan, only to find that it's way outside of our budget. Why go through that process alone? Enter PaperTrail.

Papertrail's an app that helps you or a group of friends plan how to spend a day in a new place. It takes your location, and suggests sights to see, places to eat, and things to do, putting together suggested schedules for your day. Take a look, pick a day plan that suits your interests, make some changes, and be on your way!

How It Works

PaperTrail uses the Bing Maps API to find points of interest near you. After checking schedules for movies, estimated travel times, and the highest-rated attractions, it suggests possible schedules for your day. Pick a suggestion that sounds interesting to you, and add or remove events you'd like to change. Then, you'll have a complete itinerary, map, and schedule of new and exciting things to do!

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