Goal setting is easy, following through is difficult. Pandr is a Tamagotchi like pet with a twist: he is kept fed, kept happy, and kept alive based on your performance. Pandr provides a central platform to collect data from your wearable devices directly (Myo and Pebble), or via Healthkit once Apple permits these applications to be pushed to the App Store.

Your Pandr helps you achieve your goals by rewarding you with its growth or crying out for help when they and your goals are being neglected. He thrives as you succeed and is a fun accomplice as you pursue your goals.

For this hakaction our approach was building a very fun and engaging iOs application with a custom designed Pandr and SPRITES (animations). We also integrated the Pebble for notifications and display and the MYO for custom fitness tracking.

The development of Pandr is timed with the Apple’s release of HealthKit, which enables a more streamlined user experience when loading data from multiple sources. Due to the delayed release of HeathKit enabled applications, the version of our application we’ll be demonstrating today contains built in support for the Pebble and Myo.

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