We decided to use Azure services and our skills to develop a software solution that will save people’s and animal’s lives.

The Vision

Our goal is to overcome a major climate change issue, related to animal migration and provide a solution to help researchers in tracking and analyzing migration data by using artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Migration is a common behavioral strategy used by all major animal groups in order to avoid starvation or to reproduce. And it doesn't happen just in Africa

Some of the most impressive long-distance mammal migrations outside of Africa are in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem: thousands of elks, antelopes and deer.

In Wyoming, 15% of all vehicle collisions involve deer, antelope or other big game animals

These 6,000 annual collisions cause $50 million in car damage, loss of wildlife and people. *

*FHWA-WY-16/10F Report, Aug. 2016

The Problem

Migration patterns are not easily predictable, they modify depending on the climate changes. When passing along the constructions sites or roads, can create costly damages
The tools used to monitor and predict the direction and time of migration are out-dated and very expensive.

What it does

Our solution incorporates a software that uses AI that is capable of displaying and informing the scientific researcher or company about animal migration patterns using multiple data sources: NASA satellite data, Weather station data, Animal tracking data Image recognition from camera traps

These four types of information depend on each other and they are merged and interpreted as one result, the migration pattern.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

NASA Space Apps Competition - Initiated the project research and validated the idea.

What's next for PAN - Protocol for Analyzing Nature

  • Get More Data from Research Centers
  • Develop PAN’s AI & Interface - Design an UI and integrate the software version
  • Engineer and place our own camera as presented and validated at NASA Space Apps Competition in 2020.

Built With

  • ai
  • azure
  • azure-ai-computer-vision
  • azure-cognitive-services
  • azure-open-datasets
  • data-science-virtual-machine
  • earth-project
  • microsoft-ai
  • nacti
  • north-american-camera-trap
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