Giving places directions to you. (Please excuse messy code and poor documentation, this project is several years old and runs on a very old PebbleJS API).


This was designed as a project at a Hackster sponsored hackathon and combines Google Maps search APIs with the Pebble smartwatch along with basic search.

Bringing Places to You

The first caveat of this project is to provide locations to the user that they may fancy based on simple preference selection. This is achieved through a basic Pebble menu interface that allows the user to select a category, at which point the menu is popped from the UI stack and a list of nearby places matching that filter is shown. This is filtered using location and proximity using Google Maps in combination with the Search API.


In addition, OverThere can provide accurate directions by pulling this data from Google Maps and separating it into a list of conceivable directions. Upon clicking any item, a card appears with some more information.

Finishing Touches

OverThere sports a variety of finishing touches, including comprehensive menu UI, defined UX by keeping some cards on the UI stack to speed up rendering, a Favorite system to add a location to Favorites, and a Rating/Review system that allows the user to view some reviews of the place they have selected.

Post Mortem

This project was revitalized a few months after the initial launch and "OverHere" was added. OverHere is a beacon system that allows the user to place a MediaTek LinkIt One module or similar microcontroller with server capabilities on a network, and provide the user two digits (the last two pieces of the IP address) that allow them to access the menu through a beacon. This expands capabilities allowing restaurants and stores to provide information to users, such as a menu or store layout, as well as cater reviews and take orders.

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