People who broadcast with Twitch, and other social video media platforms, overlay their broadcasts with panels that contain various information, from social media handles, to follower and donation information, or even simple timers showing how long the broadcast has been live. Current solutions provide overlay panels that are often static, obscure parts of the broadcast, and even distract viewers from the broadcast.

  • Are you a new streamer and don't have a beast streaming PC?
  • Are you streaming from your console, or mobile device?
  • Are you tired of setting up your overlay every time you stream?
  • Are you losing precious CPU resources running your overlay while you stream?
  • Do you just want a better overlay?

If you've answered yes to any of the above, the Overlay Expert Twitch Extension is just for you!

What it does

Overlay Expert is the first solution that allows you to create dynamic overlays for your broadcasts. With over 60 animations to choose from, panels contents can swap, change and scroll, while the panels themselves can peek and hide. Overlays are created using an online overlay builder and stored online, so your overlay is always available when you are ready to go live.


  • All your stream elements, all in one place
  • Images, sounds, alerts, widgets and overlays saved to the cloud, accessible anywhere
  • Completely custom panels with custom backgrounds, contents and sounds
  • 800+ fonts, powered by Google Fonts
  • WebM support
  • Walkthrough tutorials

Content items

Populate panels with the dynamic content


  • Image
  • Timer


  • Twitter Handle
  • Facebook Handle
  • Google Handle
  • Steam Handle


  • Twitch Handle
  • Twitch Timer
  • Twitch Follows
  • Twitch Recent Follows
  • Twitch Subscribers
  • Twitch Recent Subscribers
  • Twitch Sub Points
  • Twitch Follow Display Name
  • Twitch Latest Cheer Display Name
  • Twitch Latest Cheer Bits
  • Twitch Chat Display Name
  • Twitch Chat Message
  • Twitch Chat Message Capture Group
  • Twitch Host Display Name
  • Twitch Host Viewers
  • Twitch Cheer Display Name
  • Twitch Cheer Bits
  • Twitch Cheer Message
  • Twitch Subscribe Display Name
  • Twitch Subscribe Plan
  • Twitch Subscribe Plan Name
  • Twitch Subscribe Message
  • Twitch Gifted Subscribe Display Name
  • Twitch Gifted Subscribe Recipient Display Name
  • Twitch Gifted Subscribe Plan
  • Twitch Gifted Subscribe Plan Name
  • Twitch Resubscribe Display Name
  • Twitch Resubscribe Plan
  • Twitch Resubscribe Plan Name
  • Twitch Resubscribe Months
  • Twitch Resubscribe Message
  • Twitch Raid Display Name
  • Twitch Raid Viewers
  • Twitch Ritual Display Name
  • Twitch Ritual Name

Panel events

Show panels for a specific duration following an event


  • Twitch Follow
  • Twitch Subscribe
  • Twitch Gifted Subscribe
  • Twitch Resubscribe
  • Twitch Cheer
  • Twitch Host
  • Twitch Chat
  • Twitch Raid
  • Twitch Ritual


Use the following animations when panels and content items enter and exit


  • Twister In Down
  • Twister In Up
  • Puff In
  • Vanish In
  • Open Down Left Return
  • Open Down Right Return
  • Open Up Left Return
  • Open Up Right Return
  • Perspective Down Return
  • Perspective Up Return
  • Perspective Left Return
  • Perspective Right Return
  • Slide Down Return
  • Slide Up Return
  • Slide Left Return
  • Slide Right Return
  • Swash In
  • Foolish In
  • Tin Right In
  • Tin Left In
  • Tin Up In
  • Tin Down In
  • Boing In Up
  • Space In Up
  • Space In Right
  • Space In Down
  • Space In Left
  • Swap


  • Magic
  • Puff Out
  • Vanish Out
  • Open Down Left
  • Open Down Right
  • Open Up Left
  • Open Up Right
  • Open Down Left Out
  • Open Down Right Out
  • Open Up Left Out
  • Open Up Right Out
  • Perspective Down
  • Perspective Up
  • Perspective Left
  • Perspective Right
  • Rotate Down
  • Rotate Up
  • Rotate Left
  • Rotate Right
  • Slide Down
  • Slide Up
  • Slide Left
  • Slide Right
  • Swash Out
  • Foolish Out
  • Hole Out
  • Tin Right Out
  • Tin Left Out
  • Tin Up Out
  • Tin Down Out
  • Bomb Right Out
  • Bomb Left Out
  • Boing Out Down
  • Space Out Up
  • Space Out Right
  • Space Out Down
  • Space Out Left

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What's next for Overlay Expert Twitch Extension

  • Feature parity with the OBS/CLR streaming method feature
  • Realtime translations of alerts
  • Live configuration of overlays via the Dashboard
  • ... plus much more!

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