The quote at the end of the game "tu fui ergo eris," Latin for 'I am what you will become,' a popular engraving on tombstones, was the catalyst for this idea.

What it does

Rife with symbolism, the player navigates a man across several stages in his life to come at some sort of (self-determined) conclusion at the end.


(Please view this overt pretentiousness in a tongue-in-cheek darkly comedic way). The first scene features a baby in a forest, pure and untainted. The next features a teenager in a city. Both the boy and the land here have been tarnished, but overall, they have developed. There is a split here, represented by the different sprites you turn into depending on your route. You can go for (literal and metaphorical) 'higher' education or 'descending' the slippery slope into hedonistic indulgence, in this case, alcoholism. Going down is short path. Going up is longer and filled with money you can't attain, representative of its fleeting nature. Ultimately, you end up in the same place. You cross a barren land as an elderly person and see an almost clear sky with a ray of light. You jump for it, only to fall into a pit of blackness with a grave engraved with "you" and the words "tu fui ego eris", Latin for I am what you will become. The title is inspired by the fact that life is a journey to the grave

How we built it

Through the Unity engine alongside several other art applications.

Challenges we ran into

All of us were unfamiliar with the software at first as such, the steepness of the learning curve hindered the project's progress.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We completed pretty much all of the features we wanted to in time.

What we learned

How to use Unity and collaborative game development.

What's next for My Feet Hurt

At Massey Hacks, we received some very good suggestions. One was an expansion of the 'university' pathway where you either become a corporate slave or an independent and fulfilled business type. Another was a social media component that has you compare what pathways others took.

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