Take a look at this website.

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Image: https://bit.ly/3evCo29

How much does it cost to build a website like this? Any guesses? You’re probably scratching your head right now and trying to make an estimate.

Guessing isn’t easy, right? That’s because there are so many factors you’d need to know before you could come up with a price. Some of them are:

I) Is this website a custom-built one, or does it use a template?

II) Are the images on it stocked or sourced professionally?

III) Did the site owner make this website, or was it outsourced?

IV) What kind of technology went into making this site?

V) Does this website offer any kind of backend functionality?

As you can see, there are so many variables that decide the cost of a website, so it could cost anything between $0 to more than $100,000. And more so, if it’s a customized enterprise site (such as Amazon).

In some ways, asking yourself, “how much does a website cost?” is a lot like asking, “how much does this house cost?”. That’s because the question is so ambiguous, and the answer to it would depend on the kind of functionalities you are looking for, your preferences, and your expectations.

Estimating the average cost to build a website can be tricky at times, and without outlining some key features and details, it’s near-impossible to zero in on a price. So without further ado, let’s touch on some critical factors determining website making costs.

What’s Front-End?

Ever seen a registration page? It probably looks something like this:

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Image: https://apple.co/3mUSk0Q

Taking a leaf out of Apple’s book, a standard registration page usually has these three fields: login, name, and password. On some pages, these fields could appear to come to life. They could throw varied shades of colors, the fields could change in shape when you hover over them, and most often, there’s a Sign-Up or Register button in red or a deeper shade somewhere below.

When you click on that Register button, it seems to change in color or even move. That’s front-end for you.

To put it simply, front-end development is anything that your users or customers get to interact with. Front-end development always takes place once the UI/UX design is ready. So the designer lays out a prototype, which is then worked upon by developers. Some popular technologies that are used by developers at this stage are AngularJS, TypeScript, React, and JavaScript.

So if you hire a website development agency, the front-end developers begin to participate on your website right at this point and work on it till they have it built and customized for you.

When it comes to front-end development, the main website making costs are determined by:

I) How adaptive or responsive is your website? II) Are the animations and effects very complex?

Based on these, the cost to build a website could vary between $1000 to $12,500 and beyond.

UI/UX Design: The Pillar of a Great Website

Websites that are successful but awful to look at are very rare. Most users are very visual by nature and prefer something that’s beautiful and grabs their attention. So a poorly designed website could backfire, leaving you with no customers. A little bit of quirk and uniqueness goes a long way into establishing your brand image.

Which is to say that UI/UX design services are equally important for your website as front-end development is. Once you have a UI/UX design in place, you can make a rough estimate of how much it costs to build a website.

There are three steps to deciding the average cost of website development:

I) Researching and discovering your target audience is key. Creating a user persona is the first step to find what their preferences are. What do they like? What is the demography of your audience? What are their income levels? Who are your competitors?

II) This is then followed by laying down a basic outline of your website and creating a wireframe based on your research.

III) The final step of this process is to develop a prototype that shows precisely how your website looks on various platforms and devices.

When you have these three key factors in mind, you can settle down on a final cost. So how much does it cost to build a website with great UI/UX? It could be somewhere in the range of $750 to $5000 and beyond.

Creating a compelling UI/UX design is a painstaking process and involves a lot of time and effort. One needs to consider the number of animations, the complexity, pages, and so on.

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Image: https://bit.ly/32gOreK

Working on Back-End

Rewind to that example of a registration page we talked about. If there were no back-end development, you would get nothing out of clicking on that “Sign Up” button. The back-end makes your input information travel to the server and then gives you a result that signs you up as a new user.

The back-end is the foundation stone of any website. Without it, no matter how much you focused on front-end or UI/X, you’d get no tangible results out of your page.

So what are some factors that influence development costs at this stage? These could be:

I) Are there any complicated queries?

II) Are there unique types of data to process, such as audio and visuals?

III) Do you prefer integration with third-party apps or services? Such as sharing on social media sites?

On average, back-end development costs can range from $4000 to more than $12000 and beyond. Some popular technologies employed in back-end development are Ruby, Node.JS, PHP, Laravel, and Python.

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Image: https://rb.gy/zxyc6k

The Admin Panel

Heard of content management systems? An admin panel is a CMS that lets you change, add, and delete content on your website. Want to change a word or a picture on your website? All you’ll need is the admin panel, and you never have to ask a developer again.

Several CMSs like Shopify or WordPress offer ready-made templates and help you heavily cut down on costs. But nothing beats the charm and utility of a custom-built website that can offer you unlimited features and functionalities.

A custom CMS can cost you anything between $20,000 to $60,000.

So now that we know the steps to make a website, what could be your final average cost to build one?

Although the numbers may vary from country to country, the above estimates apply to the US. To find out costs in other countries, you could do a simple search on Google or talk to a reliable web development and design company.

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