Our Coffee Time

My friends and I always had trouble figuring out what to do while we were together and we found it difficult to make our plans unique and fun every single time. We ended up visiting the same places time after time, and it became boring. This conundrum is what birthed Our Coffee Time.


Our Coffee Time finds local locations to visit by yourself or with friends. It allows users to find their ideal location through specifications. Our algorithm searches for the best possible spot while fitting within the specifications.


One of our major challenges was collecting data on the locations. Originally, we had planned to use the Google Maps API https://console.cloud.google.com/google/maps-apis/. However, achieving this ended up more challenging than we had perceived. A majority of the services we needed to make the app for were paid and required billing information, capital that we currently do not have access to.


After further research, however, we found that the Yelp API https://www.yelp.com/developers/documentation/v3/business was similar and that we could use it. We also found challenges in data access on the site. We had to design numerous safe cases so that we would be able to run the site without bugs.


** Our Coffee Time was build using Django, a Web-Framework that utilizes Python. We utilized the Yelp API to help find locations. We are currently hosting the page on Heroku.**


In the future, we plan to add more usability between users, such as allowing reviews on locations and allowing users to input multiple different locations and plans and find the best one for them.

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