Towerfall for its fast-paced, arcade combat and CrossCode for its overall aesthetic.

What it does:

The roots of a pixel-perfect, multiplayer, arcade game. Features

  • Top-down 2D movement
  • Tile based collision detection
  • Tile based map rendering, in multiple layers
  • Event based input handling and state transformations
  • Keyboard and gamepad support
  • Multiplayer, inconsequentially capped at 4 players

How we built it:

We wrote everything from scratch with the exception of our math library. We used love2D as a means to hook into all of our platform specific code such as rendering, audio, and OS event loop handling. Matt wrote the music and searched for a number of free use sound effects, Chay wrote the player code, multiplayer code, and event handling, and Lexie wrote all of the map rendering code, designed the map and it's collision map, and implemented the audio playback.

Challenges we ran into:

No one on our team had experience with hackathons before, and only Chay had ever worked on game code before. Chay originally thought that he had 48 hours to get the game done which meant we planned to finish more than we did. Lexie had never coded in Lua before but was able to pick it up in no time at all. Matt hadn’t worked on music for a long period of time and fatigue got to him the quickest.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

  • Finishing as much game code as we did in under 24 hours was impressive
  • Every member of the team was awake for the full 24 hours
  • Supporting multiplayer before the deadline was exciting, since it required a player lobby and spawnpoints
  • Being able to freely talk about code with lots of people, and teach the group some of what we knew

What we learned:

  • The value of working with new people and communicating with them to produce a unique project
  • There are many people out there who can help put projects together, even where you least expect them
  • Both Matt and Lexie were able to use Lua for the first time
  • This was the whole team's first experience with love2D which was pretty exciting

What's next for Clear Breeze:

Custom art, multiple levels, player/player interaction, and more extensive audio effects. Everyone working on the game has stuck together so far, and we plan to in the future!

Built With

  • garageband
  • love2d
  • lua
  • tiled
  • vscode
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