3D modeling and game modification can make for amazing projects. Unfortunately, these files take up a lot of space. But... if these files were video files, we could store as many hours as wanted on Youtube! Cloud storage is expensive, but video storage is free. Osiris will allow you to share your work and create backups of unlimited videos.

How it works

We use discrete cosine transforms to create videos encoded to survive Youtube's rigorous re-encoding algorithms. As such, we present a virtually lossless means of storing files.

Challenges we met

Youtube's Oauth is a difficult force to wield. In fact, we are unsure whether we will work out all the kinks before the hackathon is over--but afterwards we will have the video automatically upload to one of the more than twenty supported video sites.

What we're happy about

Creating a semi-lossless means of transferring data through a heavily lossy video codec, a beautiful GUI, and the great knowledge we learned about AJAX and front end design.

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