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The price of Scantron machines and licenses puts automated grading out of reach for many schools and educational institutions.

When grading a large number of tests or surveys, an automated solution is a virtual necessity. However, currently, the only provider in this market is ScanTron, whose machines require licensing, power, and constant maintenance.

What it does

OpenScans is a website that allows the user to upload an answer key and an unlimited number of student bubble sheets. This website can be used from a phone or laptop. It grades student bubble sheets almost instantly and extremely accurately. Most importantly, its an open source.

How we built it

OpenScans uses Google's Tesseract library for character recognition. The output from this algorithm is then fed through our own system to clean up the results and detect a student's answers from the raw results. All of this is operated by the user from a cross-platform web interface.

Challenges we ran into

Originally, after feeding the answers through Google's algorithim, we recived mostly gibberish. However, after spending several hours developing algorithims to clean up both the input and output, we recived approxamatly 99% accuracy for grading. Even when photos were taken at up to a 15 degree angle, our algorithims were able to clean up the results with high accuracy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned to use computer vision and imaging to detect text with high accuracy under bad conditions. We also had many members of our team who were not as well versed with computing language.

What's next for Openscan

What's Next: An open-source app for real-time grading through the camera. Automatic dynamic bubble-sheet generation software.

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