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My name is Michael, I am a market technical analyst and trader since 1997. My mission is to help clients boost their investment performance while reducing risk exposure and portfolio volatility. My goal is to educate individuals on how to swing-trade indexes, stocks, precious metals, and energy. Also, I am into literature, culture of different countries of the world and pleasant conversations. Since I have considerable experience in trading, I help beginners to master the benefits of forex trading and share my knowledge. I love hearing about the success of my students and am happy to help them master the knowledge of passive successful income.

I have been a professional trader for many years and have never regretted that I once started a career. Due to its high liquidity, a 24/7 schedule and easy accessibility for people with a financial background, forex trading has become a common profession for the industry. You have enough incentive for both young graduates and seasoned professionals to consider forex trade as a career, to be your own boss with the ease to make money from your laptop/mobile. One of the most important tasks for a successful career is to choose a reliable broker for online trading. I was lucky to find such a trading broker Libertex by https://libertex.com/blog/best-cryptocurrency-invest with which I have been cooperating for many years. This online trading platform is a trustworthy brand with more than 20 years of financial market and online-trading experience. In my opinion, the company's experience in the market and its reliability is an important factor.

Another highly unique characteristic of Forex trading is that there is money to be made irrelevant of the state of the market. How is that possible? As opposed to other markets, traders can benefit from a currency going up or down. It is important to remember that while the stock market is essentially one sided, and if your stock decreases in value, you lose money, Forex is a two way street. Just like you can sell a currency at a high price and benefit from its increase in value, you can also buy a currency after its value has decreased and watch it closely while it makes you money. It really does not matter what technique you use, nor does it matter what currency you buy or sell. The economy and the state of the world markets do not play an integral part of your personal profits either, when it comes to Forex trading. What matters is that you trade with great discipline, do not get greedy, or fall into the trap of overcompensating. Trade calmly, choose a technique for your trading and money management, implement it, and stick to it no matter what.

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