The Why

The Golden Age of Radio, often referred to as OTR (Old Time Radio), was something that I stumbled across one day while searching the net. What I found during my initial search quickly escalated into a passion of mine. I loved it, I wanted to know more, and I couldn't wait to hear more of my favorite shows. While conducting my search I soon realized that there was an astounding lack of accurate and usable information on such an amazing time period, not to mention a huge deficiency of high quality audio files available for download. It is there that I noticed the problem and it was then that I began to develop a solution, is a site born out of passion. Its' sole purpose derived from providing others the chance to experience the joy that is Old Time Radio. is an accurate and up-to-date site developed on an easy-to-use platform with an interface that will appeal to all.


OTRMan is a simple to use UI that allows anyone to download OTR shows and episodes. We currently offer a number of free downloads a month as well as a paid subscription for those who want to listen to OTR daily via the web or mobile browser. OTRMan provides details about each episode and allows for easy searching and downloading. Our fee structure was created to keep costs down while still allowing us to support the bandwidth necessary to host the massive amount of data.

The How

We have implemented the BitCasa CloudFS API to house all of the MP3s available on the site. Addressing security concerns and data tracking with BitCasa was simple; by ensuring that all files being streamed from BitCasa Cloud are first sent to our server before being accessible by the end user. We stream in 1MB chunks, which directly correlates to serious download speeds. The delay is so minimal (under 5 hundredths of a second) that it goes undetected by the end user. Currently, we are using PHP scripts to upload the files from the server to BitCasa CloudFS and storing the data into a database.

The Future

Upon future successes we plan to highlight the mobile platform more intensely by offering an official Android and iPhone application with our core focus geared towards high-quality ultra-fast streaming. We also have aspirations of developing an advanced admin panel that will allow us to modify, move, update, delete, and upload new MP3s without the use of a console. Another area of emphasis on the horizon is to continually work on expanding the depth and detail of our data library to ensure that we encompass the entire "Golden Age".

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