Worldwide Problem – It is estimated that 25% of computer uses worldwide are suffering from various forms of computer related injuries. In United States, the annual economic burden due to computer related injuries is more than $US 2 billion.

Teammate Personal Experience – One of Team 14 members suffered from posture related injury and experienced headache, neck muscle tension. As a result, she saw physiotherapist and took days off from work even though she has tight project timeline. Her experience gives us an idea to develop this web notification application.

What it does

Oh! My! Posture! is a posture monitoring web application for computer users and provide real-time feedback on good and poor posture.

1)Take Computer users’ optimal posture with camera at the beginning of the day when the computer is turned on 2)Send positive reward message to computers’ users if they maintain good posture and take breaks at regular intervals 3)Send reminders to computer users to maintain good posture if their posture deviate more than 30% from their optimal posture while facing computer 4)Enable users to track trends of their posture and computer screen time usage 5)Redeem/ claim the reward received from third parties

How we built it

Figma, UX/UI collaborative design tool is used to mock up the features. We use HTML and CSS for dashboard, bootstrap and JavaScript for interaction and sending messages to users.

Challenges we ran into

1) Team formed at the event: no preparation before. We spent good amount of time for ideations and narrowing down the idea and key product concept 2) We learned how to use web push notifications for using service workers and Push API. 3) We had a hard time narrowing down the ideas and have adapted quickly to a change of features and core idea. 4) Adding personality to notifications required creating emotional and funny UI texts. 5) JavaScript event firing twice even though we try to debug many times!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team members backgrounds are diverse- Interaction Design Master student, Computer Science students and infrastructure project manager. For front end planning and collaboration, we collaborated exceedingly well as a team (idea sprints), prioritising key features and divided the tasks.

Although this application is not the most technologically complex project, we are product of our simplicity and user centric approaches we have taken. We also supported and teach and fill each other’s knowledge gaps. We all felt supported, learned something new and had fun at the same time which is the essence of this Hackathon!

The idea of using existing web cameras for measuring posture is very cost-effective for workplaces.

What we learned

1)UX/UI Prototyping/ Design Thinking/Lean – Our team member with UX/UI role walked us through the steps. Her professional and academic experience really helps us to develop the UI interface and workflows. We all provided input into the design flow and features. 2) Web Push Notifications using service workers – We learned how to provide push notifications and learned key components needed for Push Notifications. 3) Prioritising to develop MVP – We segregated core key features and nice to have features for later implementation.

What's next for Oh! My! Posture!

We would like to progress to develop the back end framework and consult with Safe Work Australia, Occupational Therapy Australia, Australian Physiotherapy Association for user testing and for optimising features before releasing beta version to the public.

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