Hey guys, we are Ben, Magda and Kimi. We focused on the challenge Making Cosmetics Safer for Consumers with the California Department of Public Health as partner.

We want to help people taking care of their skin. Let's buy cosmetics smartly, with the info we need on the product we use.

The app consists of a searching engine of skin care products which displays scores of products according to 5 features. It also displays if the product has been reported as featuring a toxic component.

The data for the features scoring has been pulled from a French website. It then has been matched to the The Safe Cosmetics Program Product Database with CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) as a join.

I have a personal appealing for the cosmetic sector. My grand-father dedicated his whole career as a researcher. I never had the chance to know why he chose this sector. Since then, I try to find my way to understanding the underlying sides of this sector. The more I try, the more fascinating I find it being.

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