In a world where the sustainable systems would play an important role in power industry, we present you a sustainable Christmas Tree, by creators of EnvYard.

Christmas trees are a joy for all people who celebrate this holiday and more. We see them not only in our homes, but also in parks, malls, city halls and squares. Although, they consume a lot of energy, take space and present high costs. this prototype represents another use of this holiday tradition, in use of environment protection and community.

What it does

The system would provide energy not only for Christmas Theme and machines, but also for the nearby community and other parts of the town.

Other devices (coffee makes, light, cabins, etc.) are connected to the batteries and, in this way, the tree provides energy for them. Also, there is a air purifier for the square the tree is placed in.

How I built it

The Christmas Tree is equipped with green energy generators (turbines, solar cells, membrane sensors for piezoelectric generator). These are connected to a set of batteries, which are charged by those and a power panel.

The hardware model is created with Arduino Uno, piezoelectric sensor and some LEDs as Christmas lights.

Challenges I ran into

First of all, the problem was that I was away for the holidays and I couldn't provide all the sensor I needed for a better hardware prototype. Also, Packet Tracer didn't have all the cool features to highlight better the mock-up.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to create an MVP in a short period of time. Also, that the project was published on Christmas Day.

What I learned

The main purpose of this project was to have fun, but I managed to learn some things about piezoelectric generators, Arduino, Packet Tracer and video editing.

What's next for Oh, Christmas Tree!

In the future, the project should be presented further to events, in order to seek investors. Also, a new prototype should be available soon, maybe next year, the tree would be ready to use.

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