People want to go on trips but they don't know where. There is a high barrier in planning an entire trip (booking hotels, renting cars, finding attractions, etc) which discourages many. We not only want to make planning the perfect trip easy, but also to inspire people to visit places that they did not know they wanted.

What it does

Current travel agencies provide popular destinations based on the consensus of the general population. What we want to do is provide a trip specially tailored for you. If allowed, we will scan through your Facebook profile for location tags to determine other points of interest you may be interested in. You may not like the initial attraction that the service provides, so we provide you the option to dismiss them. The service learns from this on the fly and will provide you with better recommendations immediately.

How we built it

  1. We constructed a database in elasticsearch that indices Points of Interest (POIs) with keywords associated with it. a) POIs are taken from the Amadeus b) Keywords are generated from the descriptions provided by Amadeus.
  2. We made a flask web app to allow the user to discover their personalized adventures. a) If permitted, we perform initial personalization by scanning through the tag_places in their Facebook profile to provide similar POIs that they may interested in b) For further customization, the algorithm learns as you reject POIs that it suggest. c) Similarity between POIs is determined by the similarity in their keywords.
  3. We also feature a chrome extension which serves as a homepage. It displays a random trip each time you open a new tab. This reinforces our mission to inspire people to go on trips.

What we learned

Flask is not asynchronous.

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