The inspiration is to help people who suffer from anxiety and insomnia.

What it does

Helps people relax using Audio-Visual-Entrainment by providing the user a relaxing experience floating through space accompanied by calming music, binaural audio beats, and a changing color palate according to the binaural waves for visual stimulation.

There are three states of binaural audio provided:

4-6 Hz for Deep Meditation accompanied by a Blue nebula 8-12 Hz for Relaxation and Pre-Sleep accompanied by Green Nebulae 15-25 Hz for Concentration or Active Thinking accompanied by a Red Nebula

Each state also has an accompanying music track.


OculusDrift starts in the lowest (blue) state. States can be transitioned using an Xbox One controller by holding the left thumbstick Up/Forward (or the B button) to go up the spectrum or holding the left thumbstick Down/Backward (or the A button) to go down the spectrum.

How we built it

Unity, free assets, and long nights.

Challenges we ran into

Learning Unity - Nobody on the team had ever used it before!

What's next for OculusDrift

Add smoother transitions, new skyboxes, increasing / decreasing speed depending on user preference, change color of ambient stars.

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