Researching charities can be difficult and tedious, Ocean Giving provides all the information desired in exchange for donating to the charity.

What it does

Ocean Giving allows users to make charitable donations using Ocean tokens and in exchange provides relevant data as to how donations are used as well as historical records relating to the charity. It also encourages charities to support accepting Ocean tokens to provide another potential source of revenue.

How I built it

Ocean Giving is based on the Ocean Protocol Commons Marketplace. Donation amounts are determined by the price set for the charity data records. The application is built with React and Typescript connected to a Node.js server and hosted on Netlify.

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out how work with Ocean tokens on the pacific network.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The website is live, accepts transactions on the Pacific network, and is ready to start accepting charities.

What I learned

How to implement Ocean transaction functionality to allow data downloads in exchange for donations using Ocean protocol.

What's next for Ocean Giving

Develop a process for reaching out and onboarding charities and providing tool and guides to explain how to get started, what kind of data to provide, and how to withdraw donations made with Ocean tokens.

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