Chances are, you’re a regular at more than a few restaurants, bars or other local shops. Nudgit Regulars takes that everyday customer-to-business relationship and makes it even more convenient. With Nudgit Regulars, you can connect with those places, define your “usuals” and enjoy a new streamlined experience when you visit.

It’s remarkably easy to get going. There is no inventory for a business to upload or advertising to do. Customers simply ask to become Regulars and write in their usual. Businesses approve each Regular and fill in the price. A Regular can then order the usual from their app, which gives a heads up to the business of the upcoming visit. Regulars then enjoy the service and experience without the distractions of paying in-store, waiting in lines and even leaving tips. Being a Regular truly becomes elegant.

Nudgit Regulars converts your existing relationships and routines into a few taps. But this new simplicity doesn’t diminish the relationship. Rather, when businesses use Nudgit Regulars they have a greater ability to personalize and optimize delivery of services. For Regulars, it provides a seamless experience and direct connection to their favorite spots. This new dynamic creates a more efficient and enjoyable experience for both businesses and their Regulars, and lets everyone focus on reinforcing those valuable personal connections.

** To try out the business side of Nudgit Regulars, just add Little Star Pizza (on Divisadero) as a new spot. Tap the storefront icon to toggle between customer and business mode. **

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