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The main objective was to "improve the way we communicate our value proposition, expertise, our products, and what we do".

Big 3 objectives Increase MQLs conversion Improve organic traffic Improve the brand, positioning and narrative of our value proposition.

What it does

Website overview

  • Menu and footer (global)
    • smart content
    • eg. whatsapp number
    • eg. call to actions
  • Product pages
  • Persona pages
  • Pricing page
  • Demo
  • Acquisition channels
    • appstore (HubDB)
      • partner directory (Custom Objects)
  • Resource center (membership)
  • Landing pages / thank-you pages
  • Event registration pages
  • Modules for reuse
  • Drag and drop areas

Blog overview

  • main blog (a la HubSpot's blog/sub-blogs)
  • We have persona blogs
    • companies, accountants and software
  • Each blog owns hierarchical topic clusters related to the persona
  • Under each topic cluster we have blog posts

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • 40% conversion rate improvement (after just a week)
  • Tiered blog strategy (a blog of blogs with topic cluster structure)
  • HubDB administration of blog CTAs by topic cluster
  • Custom objects for partners and the partner directory
  • Appstore powered by HubDB
  • Resource center with membership area

What we learned

  • The website is keystone to your demand gen
  • New acquisitions channels help create MRR
  • Brand consistency is very important
  • UX is a very good investment: for each 1 usd will get you 100 usd (= ROI is 9,990.00%)

What's next for Nubox | Growth driven design | website and blog

  • We are doing A/B testing and CRO
  • The resource center is under development
  • Operations Hub implementation for advanced workflow management

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