Making tedious tasks more effeicent to improve the safety of buildings

What it does

The goal of Notifire is to provide building managers, maintenance teams and building inspectors a simpler way to keep track of fire extinguisher upkeep and usage (There are big fines if you don't) - we built a system to moniter 3 key indicators of fire extinguishers to eliminate needs for monthly inspections and send notifications when fire extinguishers are used or misplaced/stolen - so they an be replaced and safety is maintained

How we built it

We built our project in 3 parts Front End UX / UI - simple to use Back end - we used an sql database and to take the data from the arduino system and php to bring the sql data to the front end of the website Hardware - an arduino system with sensors that measure

Challenges we ran into

Our 2 main challenges were lack of proper hardware (the arduino boards with internet connectivity did not have proper ports for our sensors / we didn't have wires) - so for now (until we get proper wires our hardware needs to be plugged into a computer) and another challenge was working so quickly especially with limited computer science skills as well as network security which may be a liability in our system

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Ending a 24 hour period with a working prototype of software and hardware

What we learned

We all learned a ton about coding, how to iterate on an idea, improvise and how to use iot technology

What's next for Notifire

Integrating the hardware with a low energy network to allow large networks of fire extinguishers and integrating hardware into actual fire extinguishers

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