The Organization
"Noora Health (YC14) is a non-profit with a hospital education platform for patients and their family to teach them the skills needed to recover from a major medical event or manage chronic conditions."

The Challenge
"Noora Health has developed a cell phone based system that delivers educational health content to people in low-resource settings. This system could be used to deliver Ebola information to homebound quarantined and sick people in Ebola stricken regions. Noora Health would like to connect with organizations working in Ebola regions to make their system available for information dissemination."

The Project's Current Status
"We have an IVR system that we are making/ using to support teams on the ground in Liberia and send messages to families about how to safely handle Ebola and other resource messages"

more info is on the "visit project website" link in the top right of this page

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