ESPN Cricinfo is the world's main source of cricket-related news and information. In 2017, the website layout was drastically changed to streamline it with other ESPN websites. I always had trouble using the new layout, and eventually I stopped using the site, causing me to lose touch with the sport. I decided to make a website that is intended to eventually replicate the _ old _ ESPN Cricinfo.

A no ball is a type of illegal delivery in cricket.

What it does

It obtains ongoing matches and their scores from the ESPN Cricinfo website, the latest news from the BBC and the Guardian, and opinion articles from ESPN Cricinfo's magazine, The Cricket Monthly.

How I built it

The index page, so far the only actual webpage on the site, obtains news and opinion articles from JSON APIs that I made, located in the same folder. The news API obtains data from the RSS feeds of the Guardian and the BBC, while the opinion article scrapes the website of The Cricket Monthly. The scores are saved every 10 seconds by a daemon running on the server to a file in the HTTP root called 'scores.json'. This daemon analyses the ESPN Cricinfo website to see which ongoing matches can be considered major and then writes the scores for these matches to a file.

Challenges I ran into

It took me at least two hours to perfect the daemon software. The API for 'The Cricket Monthly' was also difficult to create, due to the issues naturally involved in scraping a website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have gone from having nothing ready to having a decently-working website within about 16 hours. I think this is certainly something to be proud of.

What I learned

I learned, mainly by accident, about the service ngrok in addition to its competitor of sorts, servio. I used the latter to establish a tunnel from my domain to my home server, meaning hosting was not an issue at all.

What's next for NoBall

The website obviously does not look very aesthetically pleasing, nor is it very similar to the old ESPN Cricinfo as of yet. I plan on fixing these problems in the near future.

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