We took inspiration from the expanding narrative game market, we felt a newer more experimental type of game would suit a new and exciting technology advancement like the VISR.

What it does

The game explores the life of John and looks at what happened to him after his dreams came true. (You've already one, what now?) You start in Johns final moments and flash back to key points in his life. In this prototype we explored the relationship between John and his wife and the stress his dreams placed on their marriage. Depending on the player plays they will see a difference in their relationship, through segments of speech. Unfortunately in the final build the game will only end on a positive note (which happens when you "lose" John's big race. The idea being John shuts can't cope with having no more dreams.

How we built it

We used Unity to build the prototype and Microsoft generously provided a phone and VISR kit to develop over the weekend.

Challenges we ran into

Other than stupid things like tripping over a power cord while we uploaded the project (Very annoying) the team identified the following challenges,

Design - trying to create a 3D Experience using just one button press and head movement. Art - Our artist is more focused toward 2D, so he had a very sharp learning curve with maya Code - developing for VR, new technology can be tricky.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Design - Usually at a game Jam I normally have to scale back and redesign around the original pitch (due to time), it was fantastic being to take charge of building narrative and directing an actor to ensure their performance was organic and emotional.

Code - Happy that we took the opportunity to pick up, and explore a new technology. VR certainly seems like a massive future market, and we are glad to have had a small experience developing on this platform.

Art - Having never worked with VR technology before, simply being able to interact and physically explore scenes created from my assets was extraordinary.

What we learned

Design - While I ended up working on a little bit of everything (other than code), I feel what I have really taken away from this jam is a massive amount of professional guidance and career advice - which is invaluable.

Code - Learned how to use a new platform.

Art - As far as technology or workflow, nothing new for me. However with every event like this, I learn more and more how to work within a team under a specific time frame. Also the conversations I have had and the advice given to me by both judges and fellow jammers who have industry experience has been a priceless.

What's next for No Qualms

We will be taking a different mobile app game to XPO North in Inverness on the 8th of June. This is the beginning of us forming our on company which will be a fantastic learning experience while still at uni versity.

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