Python-Based music creation software, capable of converting a lyric video on Youtube into a video like this

I used this project as an introduction to Python Classes and to stregnthen my REGEX skills.

This program can generate Nightcore video by inputting one of the following paramters:

  • Youtube URL
  • Artist / Song Name
  • Locally Saved MP4/AVI
  • Locally Saved MP3

You can also pull song names from Billboard Top-X Charts to use for video generation.

Essentially, this programs automates the process of Downloading/Remixing/Transcribing/Uploading Nightcore videos. I have automated all of these processes using various techniques. Everything I'm currently using is more of a proof of concept solution rather than a solution that's set to scale. For instance, I'm using PyAutoGUI in conjunction with Audacity to remix Mp3 files, this is extremely computationally intensive compared to a CIL like SOX. Regardless, this program is still under developement and I hope to improve the methods I'm using as the time goes on.

Current Features:

  • Create Video with Youtube URL
  • Create Video with Youtube Artist / Song
  • Create both MP3 and MP4 Files
  • Generate Videos from Top-X Billboard Chart Songs
  • Recreate Lyric Videos with ~98% Accuracy
  • Randomly Choose Background Images from a database of Anime Wallpapers
  • Cycle through User-Agents to reduce Requests Limits on Youtube
  • Set song speed and pitch change
  • Grab words with low OCR Confidence
  • Send unknown words to DeathByCaptcha to obtain 100% Accuracy
  • Generate Word Coordinates in Lyric Videos
  • Calculate Amount of Spaces in a lyric video (To Improve Accuracy of OCR)
  • Write OCR results to an image with dynamic font choice

To Do:

  • Implement the ability to scan a Spotify Playlist
  • Create a GUI for generating videos
  • Do everything from CIL tools rather than Audicity
  • Add the ability to generate Keywords and Video Descriptions
  • Post videos automatically
  • Graph the relationship between views and speed variables
  • Figure out a way to pick relevant Backgrounds (Scrape Wikipedia for Band Member gender and base off that?)
  • ^ Based off of that create a way to automatically change speed based on Gender of lead singer
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