Opensea mobile app is complicated to use for new user to get on board and navigate around. I think Tiktok is dead simple to use, so it will be great to create a Tiktok like mobile app for NFT.

What it does

NFTly is a mobile first Tiktok like NFT explorer. NFTly also offers a simple and free option to mint an NFT powered by NFTPort.

How we built it

NFTly is built with React and Ant mobile components. NFTly uses OpenSea API to load popular NFT assets to show users on the Home page and render NFTs with Zora nft-components. NFTly uses Colavent API to load top collection data with collection metadata from OpenSea API. I use Rarible Graph to load Deals data to show recent NFT sales. Moreover, NFTly enables users to mint NFT free on Polygon through NFTPort API. NFTPort is also used to load NFTs owned by users. Finally, the application is deployed to IPFS through Fleek

Challenges we ran into

Zora nft-components does not support NFT assets outside Zora ecosystem well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I integrated multiple technology in NFT community to create NFTly

What we learned

  • Opensea API
  • Graph index
  • NFTPort API

What's next for NFTly

I will be helpful to use machine learning to recommend NFT to users based on their interests

Built With

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