Title of your project : New look of E-commerce with 3D & AR view

Problem Statement :

If we buy any products through online shopping app or website we don’t get a clear view of the products. Photos are the only comprehensive guide to products for E-commerce. Now a days, in this covid situation, having a complete view has become even more necessary as people mostly prefer online mode of shopping.

Proposed Solution :

I have developed a prototype of online shopping App using some websites which helps us to visualize our product in a much better way .

The main features of this application are:

1. 3D model of the products�
Along with the photos of products I have added this feature, so that customers can view their products as 3D model.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) of the products�
AR view of products will help customers to visualize with Smartphone camera in their near place like reality.

Built With

  • 3d
  • app
  • appdevelopment
  • ar
  • augmented
  • java
  • reality
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