The inspiration behind our annoying hack was the growing exclamations from our friends that they got hacked. After numerous complains and cries for help, we decided to finally exact some revenge on them, and have them feel as though they really got hacked.

What it does

Our chrome extension replaces the videos that are loaded in the browser with a random trolling video. To make things even more annoying, videos are randomly replaced instead of being replaced all the time. [Just think of that feeling you get when you have a bug in your code that only shows up occasionally and you are not able to replicate it].

Watch in glee as your friend tears his hair out thinking that he has a virus on his computer! Annoyance guaranteed!

How we built it

We built the chrome extension using javascript, and the website on wordpress.

Challenges we ran into

Everyone working on the same github file -> Conflict when merging Difficulty when there is more than 1 video on a page Difficulty in getting script to execute on youtube when changing from one video to the next.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a chrome extension with zero background knowledge

What we learned

We learnt to persevere through the challenges we ran into, and improving our stack overflow skills

What's next for Never Gonna Give You Up

Never gonna let you down.


- On a more serious note, we plan to build an extension for Firefox and further improve and add functionalities to the Chrome extension. A custom domain will be made specially for the website, and YES, it will be kept us so you can use this extremely annoying prank on your lesser learned friends!

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