We knew we wanted to do something with neural-nets since the beginning. After arriving at Hack Illinois, we brainstormed a lot about what we could do, but nothing really stood out to us. Eventually we decided making an open source platform and community to help others create neural nets was an amazing idea.

What it does

Neuropolis is an open source web program that produces an trains a neural network from user input (in various forms). There are several different console apps which can be used to submit input in various forms including a json formats config file. The neural net is returned as a json object. The neural net can be run in a local python app, which receieves I/O via HTTP, allowing the data to be aggrigated and submitted to anywhere on the web.

How I built it

We used lots of caffeine, very little sleep, and lots of googling to figure out which python module I should use to send/receive HTTP

Challenges I ran into

python's support for HTTP is sketchy and poorly documented. I took a lot of time for our Neural-net guy to work out the genetic algorithm for generalized training of the neural-nets.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have a program that makes and trains neural nets. That's pretty cool if you ask me...and we made it so it can be built up into a service kind of like a git-hub for Neural nets.

What I learned

I (Thomas Bonatti) learned a lot of basic web stuff (never done web before, the others have. I learned that, as great as python is, it's outside libraries kinda suck. I (Jarred hoffman) got some experience in the express framework. I learned about some of the pitfalls of deep learning (I thought we would have time to do a lot more after we finished making the Neural-net code) I (Ben Efron) am missing in action, presumed asleep somewhere in the building, and cannot input anything to this report.

What's next for Neuropolis

Neuropolis was made to be built into a full web community like git-hub. We wanted to have more prototyping for that, but we intend to build that. There's been talk of finding a sponsor so we can work on this as our senior project at Rose-Hulman.

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