Speaking with countless adults and seniors from all types of backgrounds, we noticed that many of them had trouble accessing and using digital tools such as Google Drive and Facebook. Additionally, those same individuals also had a hard time finding jobs due to their digital illiteracy, which stems from factors such as age and socioeconomic status.

What it does

The website provides a platform for individuals to be able to learn about cutting-edge technologies such as google slides, adobe, indesign, zoom, and more. Furthermore, it enables users to search for job opportunities based on certain criteria they enter and network with others to receive help in preparing for job interviews and resumes.

How we built it

We built the website by collaborating as a team and brainstorming. We shared ideas, designed a prototype using online features, and wrote code to develop our project. Additionally, we attended workshops such as qoom, How to Pitch, UI/UX, and Successful Businesses to learn how to pitch, design, and code our project.

Challenges we ran into

Time Management: We found it challenging to code our entire website from scratch in the span of a few days, in which we had to prioritize the back-end programming more than the front-end. However, by working as a team we were able to complete the website and presentation. Given more time, we can enhance our website even further.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of constructing a website that is user friendly and educational.

What we learned

We gained invaluable experiences and skills through the online workshops - which include Qoom Login System, and How to Pitch Your Project.

What's next for Network + Us Website

  1. Incorporating a login and sign up system using what we learned through the Qoom Login System Workshop
  2. Implementing machine learning to send users educational videos and job opportunities based on their interests
  3. Expand the website so that users can directly network with one another

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