Trying to keep up with and understand the fundamental and overwhelming changes that are occurring in an industry that had changed little in the last 100 years.

What it does

NEM News is a system that gathers, processes and provides a low friction, concise, integrated collection of energy related, web-based resources.

By examining and understanding how the Energy Market developed to its current state we can learn how to influence its future direction.

How we built it

A Web Hosted MySQL Database is populated from Realtime Google News Feeds and Energy Market Web Site Feeds. NEM News can be queried via a simple Web API to extract and present a table/image/csv/json file matching results with links to the Source Articles.

Challenges we ran into

Doing everything ourselves has meant we have had to be persistent and resourceful to find innovative solutions to implement a lightweight and useful system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A simple realtime web site - NEM News along with a supporting API has been in operation for 14 months. Over 120,000 records now populate a highly concentrated source of Australian Energy Market News. It covers all the major events and incidents over this time period. e.g. SA System Black on Wed 28 Sep 2016. As an aside, a Log of Market Events for that eventful day is also available as part of the broader NEMLOG Platform and Offerings

All mainstream media is followed - eg Aust Fin Review and The Australian.

All major Industry Organisations are followed including AEMO, AEMC and AER and collectively with the Wider Industry known as the Energy Alphabet

What we learned

There is so much happening in the Australian Energy Market and we feel this simple News Tool goes a long way to keeping current and understanding, as well as providing a chronology of events.

More generally, for someone who has worked in a large utility for my working life, the following quote from Seth Godin resonates:

anyone with a $300 laptop can use the very same tools as the people at the top of just about any industry.

If you want to learn, do research, make a ruckus... your local library has access to the same tools as you'll find in a skyscraper in a big company.

I have realised I have the ability to do anything I can imagine though it becomes a matter of time and setting priorities.

What's next for NEM News - Energy Market Info. that Engages & Informs

A new site has been refactored from lessons learnt for version 1 and is now 90% complete. It drills down further into the feed inputs by scanning the whole text of an article and recording terms/themes, quotes and, importantly, links. Through the linkages, a chronology and network of related articles can be constructed. The aggregation of terms/themes from multiple articles over a time period can identify trends and important events.

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