Looking for a fun and engaging way to connect with friends, family, and even strangers? Look no further than Friendzone – the app that lets you challenge other users and get rewarded for it!

You can challenge anyone on the app, including your crazy ex or your favorite celebrity. Who knows if Ronaldo will score that goal or Justin Bieber will sing for you? You might just get a response and start a new connection with someone you admire.

Once the challenge is completed, you earn a certain amount of “FZ” coins (cryptocurrency), which can be exchanged for traditional currency.




We want to build a bridge between Web2 and Web3, connecting everybody to the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency world while rewarding our users for their usage of our app.

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posted an update

2023 will be the year of NEFTME! You will connect with friends and family, share content, and earn rewards for your creations.

Our mission go beyond our app. We want to build a strong and supportive community of users, and we will constantly look for new ways to improve the user experience and add value for our users.

We are confident that with hard work and determination, we will achieve even greater success in the coming year. 2023 will be our year. Your year.

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