Our school has a college sponsored organization called Women in Computing. Every year we have an Outreach program for incoming students and do a paper scavenger hunt. We wanted to make a digital one that would engage participants more while fostering a community.

What it does

It's a simple app for now, but it will look for a beacon and then when it's recognized, you can take a picture with it. The picture is saved to the phone. When approaching a beacon, you able to see a hint regarding the beacon's location. This achieved through the name function on the Estimote Nearables. Typically the range for the Hackathon was about 10ft so you have to get fairly close.

How I built it

Java, XML, Android Studio, Git, Estimote SDK, Gimp, Inkscape, and Makeappicon. The application heavily utlizes the Estimote SDK in the application. This is a native application.

In addition to the programming aspect, the design is centered around the Estimote Nearable colors. The design's aim was to be simple, but yet engaging through the use of colors and triangles to capture the user's attention.

Challenges I ran into

We didn't know much about android studio or android applications so we learned how to do everything from the ground up. In addition to this we also learned extensively about and programmed classes connecting to the Estimote SDK. The design was somewhat difficult since the designer did everything on a touchpad! Things kept moving when they shouldn't and not moving when they should.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Managing to make an application in 24 hours after getting side tracked by the Myo! While again, the app is simple, it's been made as product that will carry over in the long term. It has the ability to be used or altered for museums, day care centers, young kid open houses, workshops, and more.

What I learned

Android Studio is organized weird, but the XML portion of it is really nice for customizing features! I also learned even more about how Beacons work.

What's next for Campus Sprawl: Nearables Scavenger Hunt

More features! Admin approval, team formation, ability to upload pictures to servers and social media, and customizing the beacon name interface for admins.

A straightforward video of the application on the phone itself

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