Identifying flooding risk is significant for disaster preparedness due to the increasing frequency of extreme weather events. Along with the risk, understanding of possible losses and mitigation practices are crucial to improve resiliency of the communities.

There is no a nationally available system that helps property residents to accurately assess the potential damages of floods as well as the cost and requirements of various mitigation strategies.

What it does

National Flood Resilience Assistant (NFRA) allows users to identify possible flooding risk, damage, and mitigation practices to reduce flooding impact. A custom flood insurance premium is estimated through the NFRA. A flood risk score is also calculated to demonstrate flooding risk on a scale of 10 (low) to 100 (extreme).

How we built it

The backend side of the project works on top of a Python buildpack provided on IBM Cloud Foundry. We used the Flask web framework in order to easily create API service endpoints and serve them to the client-side of the project. Our project takes advantage of the Python Imaging Library to process and extract information from floodplain maps. API services that communicate the client-side are created RESTful so that the client-side would easily get data. The project also uses pdfkit and selenium packages.

For the front end, we gave the utmost importance to fast, intuitive, appealing, and to-the-point communication of useful information to property owners and stakeholders.

Challenges we ran into

In the project, we collected the data from multiple sources and faced some problems during the collection and integration of data. The initial plan was to use python3 but, we couldn't run in Cloud Foundry which limited our productivity a little bit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that, in just 2 sleepless days, we successfully implemented a working web platform retrieving property, insurance, and natural disaster data and perform real-time analysis on the go for intuitive and interactive visualization.

What's next for National Flood Resilience Intelligence

High-resolution building information and flood maps are going to be utilized to improve the accuracy of the flood losses and flood mitigation recommendations. Real-time sensor data and flood forecast models will also be incorporated to advance the system.

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