We all understood the contentious but popular view that legalizing certain drugs, such as marijuana, in some states would make it safer for people to consume it because they would not have to resort to illicit or lucrative measures and put their physical and mental health in danger. Knowing this, we thought it would be an interesting project to be able to provide the statistics of legislative and social impact on drug demand and

Our tool is a web app that provides statistical information about fluctuating drug prices on the dark net market. We compiled day-to-day information in the form of live “stock market”-like updates by using bot crawlers to scrape prices, types, quantity and quality.

In order to make this web app, we used our past knowledge and learned about web dev, regex, MySQL databases, page scraping, bypassing CAPTCHA codes, web servers, etc. We definitely had challenges bypassing CAPTCHA codes in order to get the data we needed, and then we also had to learn how to create a database and graph the data.

Our tool has future implications as an informative resource of statistical data. For example, if a certain state cracks down on the sale and purchase of a type of drug through legislation or if a certain drug becomes more popular, users will be able to track the effects of that on our site and use the data proactively. As a resource for the public, people in government and economics seeking to implement social changes will be able to use this data.

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