Picking the best school for my kid in the vicinity during the pandemic.

Hi, I have been aggregating lists of schools in the vicinity of where I stay for the sole purpose of finding which school could be the best for my ward. He's supposed to start schooling soon but i am unsure which ones near me would actually provide him what he actually needs. I have half the mind to just homeschool him but there are obvious drawbacks the least of which is not the shortage of time i would have and the lack of funds to hire private tutors* to make sure that no area of his life is left undeveloped in his growing years.

*I am not arrogant enough to say that i can do everything myself. although i do hold the view that it can come pretty close to that ;), but the fact of the matter is that there are people out there who are skilled enough to fill in where i just might be an amateur. Even as i write this i realize this fact even more certainly.

So, i have been working on this website and its still in the initial stages as i'm just collecting information about the various schools out there but https://bestofschools.com/ will soon have a better information collated together which other parents/wardens could use.

We have only started with a few parameters like the teachers, their qualifications, the focus of the school on academics and co-curricular and the weightage that they give to both of these. We have also taken into consideration reviews of parents, the Teacher-student ratios, the gender diversity, class size, environment and facilities.

A thing to note here is that physical amenities like good infrastructure are much more easily quantifiable than quantifying how well a school is compared to another on the basis of overall personality development.

Schools nowadays are more focused on pen and paper learning and don't impress upon the fact that every kid is a adult-to-be and should be treated as such. These are some of the top schools in Paschim Vihar, a sub-urban area near me, which has some great choice for parents.

What's left is to gather these parameters together to make a model which can help narrow down the choice on the basis of parents' preference.

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