lmagine a single house for rent was marketed by thousands of people - it should find an owner pretty quickly.

What it does

This is an mvp created over a span of less than a week, the features are barebones but functional:

  1. Allows a typical internet user earn passive income by sharing property links via social media.
  2. Allows a real estate agent post property that can be shared/marketed.
  3. Allows an interested prospective property owner contact the real estate agent.

The goal of this mvp is to answer the following questions:

  1. Is the typical nigerian netizen, fueled with the incentive of a commission willing to continously post properties on twitter, facebook, instagram or whatsApp ?
  2. Do real estate agents find it difficult to find prospective property owners, are they interested in third party marketers ?

How I built it


I used nextJs a react framework that gives react isomorphic rendering. Server-side rendering is absolutely necessary for seo friendly websites.

The frontend is hosted on zeit which provides serverless static hosting - so it's scalable from 10 to 10 million users effortlessly.


The backend api is a graphql endpoint implemented with apollo-server, mongodb is used as the database. All these are hosted on linode in a docker container. Twilio is used to send sms to users.

Challenges I ran into

Downsizing the feature list was against my perfectionist nature but i prevailed

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built something in less than a week.

What I learned

Build small, expand later is a great software development ideology.

What's next for Zanga

Find investors.

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