Challenge your mind, friends and reflexes with Mystery Math. Choose from 72 modes of play, as you frantically memorize your numbers, while solving the equations.

New with this version, you can play with anyone from around the world in 2 player matchmaking mode using Gamecenter.

Who knew math could be this fun!

Play Mystery Math 5 minutes a day to help boost your core math skills.

Modes supported, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Choose from 15, 30, 60 seconds and 1, 2, and 3 Minutes.

Free version only has 30 seconds.

Some basic gameplay instructions..

After the countdown, select the two numbers that will solve the answer given. If you pick the wrong numbers, select those numbers again to put them back where you got them.

The green button is used to answer the equation.

In multiplayer mode..

Multiplayer only available in full version

For the time being easy addition is being used. Your goal is to clear the board as fast as possible.

Once the first player finishes, the other player will have 30 seconds to clear the board before the game ends.

Multiplayer note - You may need to restart the game if you create a gamecenter account for the first time in game.

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Upgrade to the full version to enjoy all 72 modes of play including MULTIPLAYER!

Have Fun!

Full version contains 72 modes of play.

Lite version contains addition, easy mode and 30 seconds mode.

IOS 6 users will have an option to challenge your friends. While IOS 5 users will be able to view the leaderboard at the final score screen.

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