The inspiration at first was from linktree. How you can have a url dedicated to your username that you can share around. linktree is simple and just a bunch of buttons to link you places, we wanted to have a good resourceful product that would allow less technologically advanced people to be able to make a simple portfolio that they can still share around with a simple and rememberable url.

What it does

MyPortfolio serves our users by giving them an easy and simple way to create portfolios. It provides several templates to choose from, and all the users need to do is to fill in the blanks.

How we built it

The project was built with Golang mux router with mongodb in the backend. Frontend was built with react js and axios for connecting to the backend. We started off by getting authentication done, and then image uploading that adds the filename to the authenticated users model. Next getting the information from the backend by the username param of the url in the portfolio. Next we just made up some funny "scuffed" resume/portfolio text that would make it so that if they ever used the portfolio then they for sure would not get the job.

Challenges we ran into

We were not aware of the theme of "scuffed" until we were very far into development. It was a demoralizing blow for us, because we were excited to make a serious app, not a "scuffed" one. However, at the end, we managed to stride forth nonetheless, despite a tad-bit fettered.

What's next for MyPortfolio

  • Hosting
  • Custom domain links
  • More user customizability for the templates
  • More templates coming soon!
  • Drag and drop texts and images
  • Ability to add gifs

Built With

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