MyoMusic music is an easy and modern way of creating music with significantly less work.


As a group of passionate high-school music enthusiasts, our whole team has passion of music. We wanted to mix and match tracks, to play around with all types of music and let our creative instincts take us where they may, but we didn't want to go through the arduous process of finding the necessary equipment. The most relatable role in modern society would be a DJ, but getting all the necessary equipment and then of course learning how to efficiently use that equipment would take up unnecessary time. Thus, to solve this problem in our lives, we made MyoMusic: an easy way to DJ.

What it does

Our software allows any person with the acclaimed Myo band to play around with music and create. Using the many different gestures and tracking features Myo offers, we essentially "assigned" a gesture/orientation to a certain sound. Users can load up any song they desire, and with the correct motions, play around with the music to create new and exciting tracks. And instead of simply letting users modify music, they can also go through the experience of spinning mixer (which gets data from Myo and updates its position accordingly).

How we built it

We used Node.js to build our backend system, more specifically the Player module to handle the audio of our system, and the Myo.js for access to the valuable information Myo provides. We connect that to a user-facing front-end with, where the user can see a virtual mixer being spun as they do in it in real life. To create the effect of the mixer spinning and the necessary animations, we made use of the threejs Javascript library.

Challenges we ran into Couple of problems with the unique method the Player module work, as well as the overlapping audio files playing to create the effect of DJ'ing. We also had some trouble learning and implementing threejs features as we were all fairly new to the library.

What we learned

We learned a whole lot about audio API's, data visualization (of Myo data), and of course the Myo band itself.

What's next for MyoMusic

Hopefully we have a sustainable platform in a month :)

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