The MyoHome mission is the development of smart home environments that eliminate the need to think about tasks such as controlling lighting, heating, music, etc. The wearable-technology Myo Armband by Thalmic Labs uses accelorometer, gyroscope and electromyographic data to give gesture control powers to the user, thus, eliminating the mundane chores of day-to-day life. Hence, providing one with more time to enjoy, relax and perform leisure activities at home.

Although one of MyoHome's visions are applications of automation to help people accomplish tasks they cannot perform on their own because of a disability or frailty , our vision is to create technology that requires human effort in ways that keep life mentally and physically stimulating. Therefore, giving one a sense of control over their environment with a comfortable amount of effort.

Our target users would be busy working-class individuals who come home after a long day of work and who want to sit down and enjoy a movie, to people who love to cook, multitask and cannot get their hands on a touchscreen or remote-control device during the process. Also, we could help people with disabilities and frailty as mentioned above.

Furthermore, our project is innovative because together with our MyoIntelligesture library, our applications are not only limited to smart-homes. For example, a doctor working on a surgery would be able to refer to their online device without the need of having to remove their gloves to use a touch-screen device. Thus, the development of multiple gesture controls takes the Internet of Things(IoT) to a whole new level.

The key features we offer are:

  1. Lighting Control
  2. Music Control

More possibilities include:

  1. Thermostat and Climate control
  2. Motorized Curtains

We accomplished this using a few different technologies. The primary technologies are the Thalmic Myo and the Intel Galileo. The Myo communicates over Bluetooth 4.0 LE with the laptop. The laptop then talks with the various home appliances such as lights, thermostats, and media players. The lights in particular are controlled with the Galileo using relays. The laptop controls the Galileo using USB serial commands. Combining all of these technologies seamlessly, allows us to use the physical gestures of the user to control both the virtual and physical appliances of their home.

One feature we are proud of, which helps make this seamless, is the custom gesture library which we developed. It expands upon the Myo's built in gestures and poses and allows for many more possibilities. For example, we introduced two more poses, waveUp and waveDown by taking advantage of the Myo's gyroscope orientation data. We also use pattern recognition to easily recognize patterns such as double tapping or holding a pose. This gesture library is called MyoIntelligesture and is on GitHub alongside MyoHome.


Hacked together at YHack, Fall 2014!

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