I came into this hackathon with no single idea in mind - I knew I had a drone, passion, and many many awesome resources at my disposal. I came to have fun and play with technology I had never seen before. Even without submitting anything I would consider it a success and an AMAZING experience. I experimented with several ideas over the 36 hours. One original idea was hacking my parrot AR drone with my directional wifi antenna. I planned to stay true to the term "hackathon", and actually break something, with is a passion of mine. The parrot ar drone connects to the pilot via wifi, I planned to kick the pilot off the wifi and take over the drone, partly to show how insecure our flying robots are. I also considered building an interface to control the drone once it is stolen, or even reverse the original pilots controls to cause confusion/disruption. This idea left my mind as soon as I got distracted with the Oculus Rift, something I had never had the chance to play with in person. After some experimenting with the rift, I decided to use the oculus rift to control the parrot ar drone, basically so you would see from the view of the cockpit in a virtual reality world, and the drone would fly in the direction you look. I had some success with connecting the drone to the rift, but once again got sidetracked by a new cool piece of technology, the Myo. This is where I ended up, using the Myo to fly the parrot with hand gestures that displayed what looked like witchcraft and wizardry. I was not able to get the Myo to fully control the drone in my time here, but I was able to succesfully/smoothly have the drone take off and land using the Myo hand gestures. Truly an amazing experience, getting to play with these awesome pieces of technology and learn so many new things. Which is actually the entire reason I participated in this hackathon in the first place. I plan to buy my own Myo, and experiment further with drone technology, security, and more.

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