We were inspired to create this web app because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and those whose treatment has been affected by the virus due to the high risk of contracting it. We wanted to build an easy access portal for these people to be able to get medical help in the most efficient way possible. In this case, we wanted to create a web app that contains patient history, prescriptions, ability to communicate with doctors and up to date news on Covid-19

What it does

This web app is designed to function as a platform that provides an opportunity for physicians and patients to interact directly. It also functions as a personal medical reminder app that consists of information such as the patient’s medical history, lab reports, and prescriptions. The chatbox feature provides the opportunity for patients to directly chat with doctors through voice, video and chat. Booking an appointment is also made easy with the use of a google calendar API, as well as a google map API that locates the nearest hospitals. Additionally, live global and regional updates of COVID-19 cases are also provided, along with further information regarding the virus.

How I built it

This web app was built using an online editor called, we were able to work simultaneously using HTML, JSON, CSS, and javascript programming languages. With these techniques, we were able to format the website with a login, register portals, and multiple tabs to help patients. We also used google maps and google calendar API. To make the 3D images for the prescription, we used echoAR to create a QR code. We used a live graph that displayed the number of deaths and cases from the start of the pandemic to the present. We created a prototype of the next update to our app using Figma.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges that we ran into included neatly formatting the website, such as alignment or positioning of text. Other challenges included implementing API into our codes, as well as writing the code for the chatbox that would allow communication between different members. We also wanted to add a globe with the statistics of active COVID-19 cases displayed on it and it was difficult making the globe rotate and ensuring that it looked 3D.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of the end results of our project. Our web app contains many benefits that everyone can use, for example, live Covid-19 updates, and a chatbox for direct communication between patients and doctors. We are most proud of how we incorporated different programs such as APIs and QR Codes, into one web app to create a powerful and easily accessible resource for all. We were able to all work collectively on this project at the same time and we believe that our web app is very helpful.

What I learned

We learned that coding websites can be a challenging task when trying to integrate many unique features. There was also a learning curve because some of us were coding with unfamiliar languages and had to learn during the process. In addition to learning new coding languages, we were also able to improve our integration of APIs. Attending workshops such as Google Cloud, EchoAR, and Github was also beneficial as we gained a new understanding of these tools.

What's next for MyHealth

MyHealth is a web application that is always expanding and updating with new features. One of our upcoming updates is to add a google vision API to the chatbox so that the doctors can analyze any photographs of injuries such as scars, bruises and see their severity before they examine it themselves. In the future, we can also improve the formatting of the web app to make it more visually appealing. Another likely addition to our app would be to add different languages as Canada is a multicultural country and this addition will only extend our help to those who need it.

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