Within the local developer community, more meetups and other social events like grabbing lunch and get together are needed to foster collaboration. With Facebook Developer Circles, members are already connected with strong existing networks. Messenger is a popular tool for everyone to communicate but it's a nuisance to plan group events to reach consensus for different suggestions and preferences.

What it does

MyGroupie Messenger Bot helps anyone create and manage group event suggestions within their circles of family, friends, and developers. Using simple language and commands, anyone can create and share an event to collect suggestions for their group event such as lunch spots, meetup topics, office party potluck items, night out venues, and ideas for a trip.

How I built it

The Messenger Bot is connected to Dialogflow ( for NLP processing. This webhook is then connected to a server for business logic and database storage. Messenger Bot automatically authenticate every user for the bot so no need to mess around with logins. Each event has a unique 6 digits access code to make joining as easy as possible.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the user profile graph info for name, photos, link is different for different users. Not sure what permissions are needed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Mastering the contexts for different intents was awesome!

What I learned

Messenger Bot is a great way to tap into existing network effects to build a social feature. The sharing and instant sessions remove a lot of friction to trying out a new product!

What's next for MyGroupie

build out the weburls to offer more complexities

Built With

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