Football related content that can be watched online and through mainstream media is mainly limited to top professional football clubs, leagues and tournaments. This “elite group” is making millions broadcasting their contents, enjoying sponsorship and advertisement deals. And while they get richer and richer, smaller clubs and federations are having a tough time.

mycujoo TV was born to democratize the beautiful game at a global level! We believe that every football team, league and federation around the world have the right to broadcast their own content, connect and engage with their fans, and generate new business opportunities, regardless of their location, size and resources.

What it does

At, football clubs can create their own social TV channels to broadcast live matches, interviews, press conferences, training sessions an much more; as they interact with their fan base on real time, and develop new business opportunities that start in the online world and evolves into the football field and beyond! In fact, through mycujoo's technology, we facilitate the generation of football graphics, statistics and real time highlights managed by the creators of content. Football clubs can monetize on original content through ads, video on demand, subscriptions, crowdfunding and sponsorship spaces. Our partners keep their broadcast rights at all times. We just support and empower them to engage more effectively with their audiences and business stakeholders through our unique distribution tools: widgets, apps and embedding options.

How I built it

Brothers Pedro Presa (CEO) and João Presa (COO) created mycujoo with one goal (pun intended) in mind: to create a stage for the underdogs of football that don't count with the media coverage of the so-called mainstream football clubs.

Back in 2010, Pedro and João witnessed a series of small-medium football clubs struggling to be seen. Including favorite club, Portuguese Boavista FC, which was relegated to the 3rd division and lost all commercial and TV deals. Since 2014, mycujoo has grown into a multimedia platform that provides an infrastructure built with the latest online broadcasting technology that exists as a community effort with the purpose of empowering small-medium football clubs and leagues around the world.

Challenges I ran into

Although the biggest sport in the world, football is still one of the least digitalized ones. Up to 89% of the overall football content is lost or not available online or on TV. mycujoo works to be the window to the world of all those teams and players, with the main mission to become the platform that empowers the production and distribution of content for all football fans and stakeholders at a global level.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Two memorable success stories come to mind:

The 1st club that ever believed in mycujoo and made everything possible, FCZ Frauen. They believed in mycujoo from day one. And allowed the platform to pivot and test an idea that was almost still on paper. mycujoo’s team have learned so much from the whole club. They are definitely mycujoo’s top success story and the first ever partner.

The second one is the project with the AFC The Asian Football Confederation. Two years after the official launch, mycujoo was able to prove the value of the company and scale it sustainably at a global level.

What I learned

What's next for mycujoo: the World's Football TV.

A multimedia platform that continues to grow and becomes more and more interactive. The number of teams joining mycujoo’s family has been increasing almost exponentially. The goal is to keep this trend going. And, more than anything, to raise awareness about futsal, women’s football, semi-professional leagues… football in all its wonderful shapes and forms.

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