This app will allow the user to create a budget and track spending each month. As budget categories (grocery, clothing, insurance, auto, etc) are created they will visually appear as titles on pots of gold. A Wealthy Leprechaun is going to watch over all of the pots. The Leprechaun is very animated and will be happy, worried and scolding based on the gold spent during the month.

As payments are made, gold coins will disappear from each pot. Ideally, the user will enter expenses at the end of each day. The Wealthy Leprechaun will be watching each pot of gold as it is being used. He will react joyfully if there is still gold in the pot which is accessed. When a pot of gold becomes nearly empty the Leprechaun will become visually worried. If one is completely empty the Leprechaun will become very angry.

At the end of the month all pots of gold will be reconciled and a balance will be shown in one pot at the end of a rainbow. This pot balance will be carried over to the next month.

This will help people manage their income and expenses and see the results of spending choices in a uniquely fun and helpful way.

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