Plants are hard to take care of. You forget when you watered them, you can't tell when it needs water - only if there was an easy way to maintain them!

What it does

This smart machine will determine which plants to water with what substance! If the plant is yellow (overhydrated), it will not receive anything. If the plant is green (normal), it will receive water. If the plant is brown (dehydrated), it will receive fertilizer.

How we built it

We used metal beams and wiring that supported the frame of the hack, and we also used Python, Flask, OpenCV, and MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

There were some inherent software bugs that we had to force ourselves to work around (online servers crashing, motors not consistently running)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got the project to work, that's an accomplishment!

What I learned

Besides the tools we used to construct the project, persistence goes a long way.

What's next for I Wet My Plants

2D-Gridding, using a moisture sensor, having an interactive user interface

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