This is very inspiring . I am a beginner never worked with these things .

What it does

This messenger bot will be able to make small conversation with any person and also it will be able to take orders from customers .

How I built it

It was very complicating because i built it for the first time that's why it was hard for me to make it alone .

Challenges I ran into

It wan't running properly . Didn't knew how to make one . I wasn't able to submit it to the Devpost then a brother of DevC Dhaka helped me . I am totally alone none of my friends are interested in the tech field .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am first time participating on a hackathon . In my area no one has ever joined a hackathon . I am really feeling vrey proud .

What I learned

I learned a lot of things . As a beginner everything i did was learning and practicing .

What's next for My Business Manager

I will make it better so, i can be able to support all types of small business and increase their business and sales .

Built With

  • dialogflow
+ 15 more
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